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Products > Flame Treatment Machine > > Flat and Cylinder Flame Treatment Machines
Product name : Flat and Cylinder Flame Treatment Machines
Item : FA-FT
Price : To be inquired


Cylinder and Flat Flame Treatment Machine

Technical Parameters

Model  No. FA-FT-Cylinder FA-FT-Flat
Flame size Φ150x200mm 25-200MM 
Conveyor size 2000X340mm 2000 x230mm
Burning Gas LPG gas LPG gas
Conveyor speed 40( PCS/min)  40( PCS/min) 
Power 220V  50--60MHZ  220V  50--60MHZ 
Machine size 2200x1200x700mm 2200x1200x700mm
Gross/Net Weight 190kgs/155kgs 190kgs/155kgs
Automatic Grade semi-automatic semi-automatic
Warranty Two years Two years
Usage Mainly used for pre-treatment of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products. Cylinder bottles made by PP PE material

Flame Treament Machinery,flame machine, flame treatment,printing technology,PP PE printing, surface treatment and it is mainly used for pre-treatment of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products. The better ink adhesion is available after the pre-treatment. Cylinder bottles made by PP PE
1. Mainly used for the surface pretreatment of PE and PP plastic products.
2. Micro motor imported from Japan, stepless speed timing mode is adequate for different workpiece requirement.
3. The machine is two sides equipped with baffle-boards to improve the heat efficiency
4. Advanced gushing nozzle is design generates a good combustion result, it is a product that saves energy


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