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Product name : Ceramic Ring
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Ceramic Ring

Technical Parameters

Item Name Ceramic Ring
Materials Zirconia
Max Temperature 750 Degree
Density 6.05 g/cm3
Hardness 1200(70)HV(HRC)
Bending Strength 1150MPa
Fracture Toughness 9MPa.m1/2
Modulus of Elasticity 205GPa
Thermal Conductivity 3W/mk
Main market Europe, America, Asia
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 10.5
Place of origin Guangdong, China
Usage Seal ring for pad printer, replacement of metal ring

1. Density: Larger than 6.05g/cm3
2. Fine crystalline;
3. Translucent
4. Never rust
5. Wear resistant
6. High temperature resistant
7. Long service life
8. Prevents printing ink leakage
9. Plenty of stock

Incomparable advantage than ordinary steel ring:
1. Zirconia ceramic wear resistance is very high, the wear life is more than ten times. Its hardness is six times as ordinary steel, twice as carbon steel, and the smoothness of the surface of the product is very high, low coefficient of friction, so the life of the ceramic the incision cup ring much longer life than steel knife cup ring.
2. A small coefficient of thermal expansion of the zirconia ceramic, high temperature,Because of the continuing frictional heating of the ring will not result in product damage, deformation, change the incision accuracy affect the printing quality.
3. Due to the metal ring is easy to release the metal ion, with the ink chemical reaction occurs, affecting The quality of the color of the ink; Also easily oxidized to form a metal fine crumbs mixed into the ink to affect print quality. Zirconia ceramic ring chemical stability, however, acid-resistant, high temperature, wear-resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-magnetic, electrostatic, and good self-lubricating properties will not affect the printing quality.

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