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Product name : Five-station turntable stationery ruler screen printing machine
Item : FA-ZPM5
Price : To Be Inquired
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Five-station turntable stationery ruler screen printing machine(Led Drying system)

Technical Parameters

Model  No. FA-ZPM5
Up and down drive mode pneumatic
Left and right drive mode stepping motor
Cutting mode stepper motor sucker / clip cutting
Left and right stroke 350mm
Up and down stroke 20mm
Frame size 300*650mm
Disc area 600-800mm
Worktable area 150*300mm
Printing area 150*300
Workpiece height 25mm
Printing station 2 pcs,4 pcs,6 pcs,8 pcs to choose from
Printing speed 1500 times / hour
Power requirements 220V 50/60HZ 3KW
Pressure 5-7BAR

This machine can add automatic loading and unloading manipulators, flat vacuum suction function according to customer requirements.
Application area
This is a five-station rotary screen printing machine. The plane suction rotary screen printing machine adopts Taiwan's mechanical cam divider and high-strength rotating platform.
Because of the smoothness of the splitter, it does not generate any vibration during high-speed rotation, and it is accurate in indexing. It can be used for multicolor printing when printing.
Do not take the place. The multi-station design can pick and place workpieces at any time during printing, reducing the time required to stop the loading of the equipment. The fastest speed is up to 1500 times per hour. This is your model of high-volume screen printing, especially suitable for lenses, stationery rulers, PVC. Film, paper, card products.

Product performance
1. Taiwan imported splitter with non-stage variable speed brake motor running
2. Japan (Mitsubishi PLC) programmable controller controls the whole operation
3. Touch man-machine interface operation screen more convenient and flexible
4 automatic counter function, statistical printing quantity
5. Intelligent non-printing function
6. High-strength cast aluminum rotating disc to ensure the accuracy of the flatness of each station.
7. Slide left and right with Taiwanese linear guides
8. Adjustable left and right printing stroke, sensitive photoelectric switch limit
9. The squeegee/inkblade angle can be arbitrarily adjustable
10. Gapless table, left and right, front and rear, left and right, rotation angle fine-tuned and locked
11. Web arms with scale can accurately adjust the position of the frame
12.T-type or suction table arbitrary installation
13. Equipped with Taiwan CEC hydraulic buffer to eliminate printing shock
14. The whole machine runs fast, steady, with low noise
15 action mode selection: automatic, single week, manual debugging
16. Manual discharge, robot discharge.

1.Screen frame with mesh x 1 piece
2.Squeegee x 1 piece
3.Tooling box x 1 piece
4.English manual x1 piece


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