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Product name : Hot Drying Conveyor
Item : M-400/5000L
Price : To be Inquired
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Hot Drying Conveyor

Technical Parameters

Item No M-400/5000L
Conveyer width 400mm
Total wattage 10KW
Wind fan wattage 500W/380V
Conveyer motor wattage 1000W/1P/380V
ConveyEr speed 0~10m/min
Speed adjustment stepless 
Outer dimension 4000x520x680mm(lxwxh)
Net weight 320KG
Package wooden case
Automatic Grade manual 
Warranty 1 year
Usage round, oval  and flat plastic or glass bottles

The machine is suitable for drying and curing the round, oval plastic or glass bottles. It is widely used in the cosmestic, house hold product bottles final step printing curing. The tooling holder is removable so it is also suitable for flat products curing.Advantages
1. Conveyer Made by stainless steel and high temperature resist ,
2. Famous brand motor drive,stepless speed adjustment.
3. High quality automatically temperature controlling system.
4. Fast drying for products after printing.
Product Description
Fast drying after pad printing, screen printing, painting by solvent ink ; stepless transmission speed adjustment to match with printing request; invariablenes temperature controlling ensure production quality.

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