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Products > Drying Equipment > > Spot Dryer to Tshirt Screen Printing
Product name : Spot Dryer to Tshirt Screen Printing
Item : FA-Dryer -1.8KW
Price : To be inquired
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Spot Dryer to Tshirt Screen Printing

Technical Parameters

Model  No. FA-Dryer -1.8KW
Heating Area 450x600mm
Power 220/110v  1800w
Weight 34/37kgs
Packing Size 85x49x36cm
Automatic Grade Manual
Warranty One year

Feature :
Spot Dryer to Tshirt Screen Printing used to dry the screen and drapery screen after printing. Spot Dryer temperature increases quickly for adopting far-infrared modulator tubes . Ther Dryer adopts hierarchical (100 levels) temperature-adjusting system, which makes a more accurate temperature control.
Function :
1. Even Heat Distribution- Full image coverage provided by consistent radiation over the entire dryer face
2 .Adjust height of heater above platen to suit specific conditions and Level heater face with platen using bent bolt
3. Move switch to on position. Flash Dryer will heat to operating temperature in approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
4.All operating/curing temperatures should be checked with a temperature monitoring device of your choice.
5. Dryer convers mor than 90% of enery into heat, which is more energy efficient
6. Pretest all curing situations, inks and substrates before proceeding


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