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Usage and Feature to Mini /Small Desktop UV Curing Machine

 Usage and Feature to Mini /Small Desktop UV Curing Machine


Usage and Feature
1.1. Usage
This machine is suitable for instant curing and drying for UV photosensitive coating, printing ink, coating, adhesive, or multiple materials printing
1 Printing: widely used in screen printing, offset printing, letterpress printing, self-adhesive trademark, metal nameplate, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, acrylic, polyester, glass, ceramics, electronic components, single-sided circuit board etc..
2 Coating: Wood surface coating, paper surface polishing, plastic floor tile, PU skin polishing, optical fiber line surface coating etc..
3 Adhesive: circuit board CHIP parts, all kinds of electronic components, glass, liquid crystal, t terminal sealing glue.
4.Note type: decorative color plate glass, decorative wearing products (button, brooch, hair clips, belt buckle).
1. Instant drying, high production efficiency.
2. After drying , it can achieve effect of high surface hardness, high gloss, abrasion resistance, solvent .
3 .Roller conveyor transmission , stepless speed regulation to frequency conversion
4 .Anti deviation to conveyor belt, ensure the smooth conveying.
5 High-quality lamp, forced exhaust heat lamp room, extend the lamp life, protect dry articles away from be heated to deformation.
6. Body spray treatment , beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance.
The machine is with novel design, reasonable structure, large effective working area, complete function, simple operation, convenient maintenances, low noise, high reliability, low cost, low energy consumption, high production efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters


Technical Parameters

Style No.




Infeed / outfeed Length




Infeed Height


Convey Method

Belt conveyor

Transmission Speed


Transmission Method

Chain drive

Transmission Motor

AC electronic speed control 25W  25:1

Exhaust fan

25W×4 pieces  120W×1pieces

UV Lamp

2KW×2 pieces

Lamp Life

Up to 800 hours if continuous running for 24 hours

Decorative form


Plate Material

Cold Plate

Total Power


Operating Procedures
1. start the power light,
2. sequentially closed switches, switch control lamp 1, switch control lamp 2
3 . adjust speed button and set the running speed
4 .stating working after reaching the brightness (3 minutes),.
5. after work, turn down lamp control switch, 10 minutes after light box temperature decreases and then close the drive switch, switch off power key.

Installation and Transmission

1. The installation of leveling, leveling check each screw is loose, check the distribution box internal wiring is firm.
1. Check the machine leveling, screw and the connection of internal line of power distribution box
2. after checking, connect to external power supply(must choose the right cable match power)
3. after cable is installed, check if the lamp access is firm enough
4 ,test machine working after fully checking.
Repair and Maintenance
1 if the machine is not used for a long time, switch off the power
2 .regularly checking the working condition of the whole machine, and clean the tube
3 regularly checking the conveying belt, need to fill gas  and adjust belt accordingly
4 regularly check if the grounding is reliable.
1 check each working parts before switch on power
2. keep distance for each working parts while machine working
3. do not arbitrarily change the machine internal cables
4 keep good grounding while installing

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