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How to Use our Latex Balloon Screen Printing Machine?
BA1515 Latex Balloon Printing Machine is a kind of small size printing machine, which features by its versatile printing effect,.This Balloon Printing Machine could be widely applied on as latex balloon, vacuum balloon,and advertisement balloon etc.other objects can be printed also if the base plate gets changed. Here below we talk about “ Screen and Ink “ & “Operation Procedure” applied to this pneumatic balloon printing machine.
Latex balloon screen printing machine
Selection to Screen and Ink 
Normally 300 meshes screen is good enough for latex balloons to print. But for other special balloon such as vacuum balloons and adverting balloons, specification of screen can be adjusted according to its image and printing result. The screen frame is sticking silk screen firmly on the frame which generally made by wood or aluminum. The inner size of the frame is totally determinate by the image size, technically, it is necessary to leave space30mm –50mm for the image away from the sides of the inner frame, to guarantee the screen flexibility during printing. The balloon should be inflated enough until it will not be broken for screen printing, that means the balloon will not break when the printing frame downand pressed to it for silk screen printing. To get a good printing result, it s required to make the screen image fully covered on the skin of the inflated balloon. Just let the squeegee/flood bar getting touch with the imaged screen will be enough and so that to avoid the squeegee/flood bar will slit the screen once the printing pressure more over, as the inflated balloon will force the screen bumping backward.  The latex ink or the rubber ink is recommended, It is necessary to add the solvent orthinner against the inks by 10%-12% if they are too sticky on the screen .
Operation Procedure to Balloon Printing Machine
Pre-print before starting up the balloon Screen Printing Machine
1. make a screen frame with the image contained ,the image size should be less than 150*150mm.
2. prepare the ink-you are required add suitable ink on the screen frame for print.
3. prepare some clean clothing patched and clean water for in case of screen cleaning purpose.
4. link up the air compressor,turn on the main air valve switch (refer to illustration 1) and input the dry-out air.
5.  Air-pressure regulator and pressure meter.
     A,open the front door (refer to illustation1),lift up the black rubber coated switch to adjust the pressure regulator and pressing the switch back once finished-pressure increases by turning clockwise,vice versa .
     B,the range of pressure meter:0.2-0.6Mpa
6. Air filter
Remove the condensed water out of the airline is important. 
balloon screen printer
1. make sure to do all the pre-mechanical adjustment under air switched off .Like setting screen frame ,adjust squeegee & flood bar etc must be done before put in air source to the machine. put 2-pin plug into the socket and link up the air source. Lift up the black rubber coated switch to adjust the pressure regulator to the point by 0.5-0.6Mpa and pressing it back once finished-make the pressure according to particular printing usages in case of air wasting refer to the illustration1.
2. Linear/printing cylinders adjustment
There are two sets of pressure buffer systems equipped on both linear /printing cylinders ,refer to illustration 2. since the ink flooding action happens during the time of printingframe lifts up,it is necessary to adjust the both cylinders to let them work in harmoniously.  Without any bumping sounds and to prolong the service life. 
vacuum balloon screen printer
3. Print-head Adjustment 
    a. Install the squeegee/floodbar on the right position. Load the screen frame and fix the frame locking system. 
    b. Switch off the air source (refer to the illustration 1), loose screws which mounted on front of the squeegee/flood-bar cylinder, and adjust the squeegee/flood-bar position until they are touched on the screen. Fix the screws after completed, refer to illustration 3. 
advertisement balloon printing machine
    C. Adjustment of squeegee/flood-bar shifting Cylinders, according to different printing jobs to adjust the relationship between the squeegee/flood-ar and screen frame. 
6. Balloon Pallet
There are got 70mm distance can be adjusted by moving base plate. Inflate one balloon sample,load it over the plate and press the pedal switch to test whether the screen image can be fully covered over the balloon skin or not . If not, loose 4 sets of screw which mounted underneath the plate to lift it up or downwards until to perfect position.
7. Speed Adjustment.
Printing speed can be adjusted by increasing/decreasing the air pressure.Open front door(refer to illustration 1)lift up the black rubber coated, Switch to adjust the pressure regulator and pressing it back once finished----speed increases by turning clockwise,vice versa.
1 Turn off the air source and unload the screen frame
2 Tum off the electrical power source .
3 Clean out the ink remains,both side of screen has to be cleaned bychemical water until the screen image displayed and looks as clearly as a new one .Drying out the screen frame after clean(the hot air from hair dryer is forbidden) Repeat the clean job above as the machine closed down in case to avoid some troubles occurred later on the next printing to the Balloon Printing Machine
Note: Keep the cleaned screen frame covered to against dust and dirt  Attack when the machine is required to take long term closed.

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