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Product name : High Temperature Oven
Item : HTO-1523
Price : To be Inquired
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High Ttemperature Oven

Technical Parameter

Model number HTO-1523
Power 380V/17KW
Power Rating  2 to 20 KW
Rated temperature  room temperature to 250.C; 
Warming  Rated temperature to room temperature 25 minutes 
Inside Size W1.2×D0.85×H1.60M
Outside Size W1.5×D1.0×H2.3M
Automatic Grade Semi-automatic
Color & Page Multi color
Warranty One year


Suitable for drying variety of screen printing, pad printing, heat press and spraying plastisol ink processing such as electric products, electrical engines, electric membrane film key press, silicon, window glass

1. Overall body of the equipment uses the 1.5mm thickness steel plate, and interior door using 1.0 mm galvanized sheet.
2. The surface is with high temperature varnish coated, and the appearance is novel.
3. Box body structure: Circular system, continuous operation in high temperature and composition of fans and a special air duct, the studio temperature uniformity.
4. Control systems: Smart temperature controller
5. Specal device, good for energy saving and making the every plane in the same temperature.
6. Vertical design could ensure uniform drying of the screen
7. Stainless steel heating tube with high efficiency and long life.


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