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Product name : Automatic ruler screen printing machine
Item : FA-ASP2030-3
Price : To be inquired
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Automatic Ruler Screen Printing Machine

Technical Parameters

Model  No. FA-ASP2030-3
Max.Printing Size 200x300mm
Transverse stroke 400MM 
Vertical stroke 800MM 
Max height of printing products  50mm
workstation 2, 4, 8 for choice
Power 220V 50-60Mhz 1kw
Air Pressure 5-7 bar   
Printing Speed 2800pcs/hr
Printing Color One Color 
Automatic Grade
Warranty Two years
Usage Scale ruler, triangle ruler, scaler, stationery ruler

Function introduction
1. SCM IC coordinate light touching panel to compile action programming
2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in, counting printing quantity
3. Airframe adopts coin alloy, and metal coating surface
4. Distyle vertical structure, high precision, steady operation
5. The transverse stroke can be adjusted, spacing by Taiwan electronic switch
6. The angle of scraper and ink covering blades can be adjusted randomly
7. Installing scraper constant pressure equipment to make sure pressure is steady when printing
8. You can regulate work-table back and forth or right and left, and then fastening it
9. You can regulate screen frame back and forth, right and left or level orientation
10. T-slot worktable, convenient to install mould
11. Installing CEC oil buffer on up and down, left and right to avoid printing shocking
12. The machine is running fast, stably and lower noise.
13. Action model option: Fully automatic semi-automatic manual
14. Start-up method: Panel foot switches
15. Scraper pressure controller: By pressure regulating Valve
16. Vertical driving style: Electric
17. Transverse driving style: Electric
Machine summary
This machine is a high speed and precise Screen Printing Machine, using
Taiwan mechanical cam divider compose high speed rotary table, which have
no shack when printing, because of having more workstations, installing
auto-baiting and drying system to improve the printing quality. The speed is quickly,
can be up to 2000PCS/hr. It's special designed for printing kinds of rulers、pens etc.
Screen frame with mesh x1 pieces
Squeegee x1 pieces
Tooling box x 1 piece
Tooling set x 1 piece
English manual x 1 piece

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