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Product name : Automatic Lanyard screen printing machine
Item : FA-A350
Price : To Be Inquired
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Automatic Lanyard screen printing machine

Technical Parameters
Model  No. FA-A350

Printing color


Max printing speed


Max printing dimension(LxW)


Max screen frame dimension




Applicable objects


Registration accuracy requirements


printed surface


Overall size


Power requirements


Peak power




Site requirements


Usage lanyard

Performance characteristics
1. Automatic feeding, printing, drying and receiving, saving manpower, overcoming the constraints of weather conditions;
2. Balanced pressure, thick ink layer, suitable for printing high-grade non-woven fabrics, zippers, ribbons, advertising papers, and other coil products;
3. Can use a variety of sizes of plate frame;
4. Large-format print size can print multiple patterns at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency;
5. The minimum effective pattern gap before and after full-printing can reach 0.1-lcm, which effectively reduces the material loss.
6. Full machine transmission and overprint system, using servo motor control, POC system to ensure printing accuracy;
7. Accurate and stable printing position, can be used with cross cutting machine, slitting machine and non-woven bag making machine

1. Using digital display and P0C combined control, servo pull positioning with high-precision high-definition man-machine interface operation, easy to understand.
2. Adopt imported servo drive pull material and power adjustment device to make tension and tension consistent. The feeding operation is more stable, avoiding scratches and improving the printing quality.
3. Squeegee drive adopts synchronous servo POC control, and the average speed of squeegee printing is stable, so as to ensure the evenness of the printing ink layer.
4. Use synchronous off-grid function to effectively prevent sticking when printing large-area background colors or printing glue. At the same time equipped with 4 rollers, effectively clear the printed surface.
5. Closed-type vertical oven, good heat insulation, keep the temperature and save energy, reduce power consumption. The same is equipped with drying function for different printing processes to choose different drying methods.
6. The use of winding device, so that the receipt of the roll is convenient, curl neat and stable.


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