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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printing Equipment for Centrifugal Tube

Model No.:FA-400P/12A
Max Printing Size:200x120mm
Max Frame Size:500x350mm
Max Workpiece Height:10-120mm
Workstation:12 pcs
Turntable Diameter:600mm
Power:220V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Printing Speed:2000pcs/hr
UV Machine Power:1kw
Machine Size:2140x1680x1750mm
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Automatic Screen Printing Equipment for Centrifugal Tube

This Centrifugal Tube Screen Printing Equipment is designed to meet the high-quality and large-volume printing needs of small cylindrical products, such as centrifuge tubes in the medical and research fields. It offers a solution that is both highly precise, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

High Precision Printing: The tube printing machine typically have high positioning and repeatability accuracy. This enables to print perfectly to the small centrifuge tube.

Plasma Surface Treatment System: Machine is equipped with Plasma treatment devices. It enhances the adhesion between ink and products especially to plastic material of tube.

Intelligent Control: The Screen Printer adopts a stepper motor to drive left and right movement, and is equipped with an automatic directional sorting function. It can automatically adjust as per the different size and position of the centrifuge tube, achieving efficient and stable continuous production.

Multifunctional Integration: It integrates multiple process including pre-treatment, printing, drying, and curing, thereby improving overall production efficiency and product quality.

Automatic Screen Printing Equipment for Centrifugal Tube

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