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Automatic Pad Printing Machine

Automatic Tampografia Printing Machine for Bottle Cap

Automatic Tampografia Printing Machine for Bottle Cap

Model No:FA-200

Max Printing Size:80x150mm
Steel Plate Size:100x200mm
Power:220v, 50/60Hz
Printing Speed:7000-9000pcs
Max Workpiece Height: 80mm
Machine Size:1800x2300x2050mm
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Specially designed vertical conveyor tampografia printing machine for plastic bottle caps,for PP or PE bottle caps,machine can be equipped with fire flame or corona pre-treated system. Customized for beverage, wine, beauty, and cosmetic field


1.Vertical conveyer worktable

2.Micro computer control each function of pad printer for easy operation

3.Built-in Five digit auto counter

4.High quality aluminum alloy is used to make machine body, structure solid

5.Convenient ink tray system for easy to add ink and easy to clean

6.Duration time is adjustable to meet different requirement

7.Extra function "twice inking, once printing "is designed for thicker ink film

8.Unique edge structure ensures clean ink scraping and produces clear and sharp printing image

9.Auto cap feeding

10.Auto cap positioning

11.Auto fire flame/corona treatment to surface of the cap before printing

12.Auto caps drying after printing

13.Auto cap unloading after printing

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