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UV Curing Machine

UV Curing Lamp

UV Lamp for UB-400B





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UV lamps are made of high-quality pure quartz tubing, allowing for high and large amounts of ultraviolet radiation

The penetration can vary in arc length/luminous length from 5 millimeters to 3 meters, with a common power of 30W to 200W, ultra high power UV lamps typically operate at 200W or above per cm .The effective spectral range of the lamp is between 350-450nm, with a main peak wavelength of 365nm.


1.UV Printing: Offset plate,letterpress,flexo,inkjet,glue,hot melting,inseparably linked printing;

2.UV Painting:For CD;for electronic components;such as printed circuit boards and resistors;film    coating;
photoconductor;wood,plastic;uv coating of three-dimensional objects made of plastic,glass and wood.

3.UV disinfection:sterilization and disinfection of food packaging materials,air,packaging films and cocks;

4.UV adhesion;for DVD;electonic components,display screen,sensors;for glass;such as jewelry,furniture;plastic

parts;precision  mechanical components;medical technology;such as needles,catheters;optical components;such as lenses,prisms and optical conductors.

5.UV embedment:UV light curing in the glass industry,electronic components and mechanical components,medical  technology,manufacturing of optical products,and stone manufacturing.

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