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Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

Automatic Card Hot Stamping Machine

Model No:FA-Q030

ParametersSpeed(pcs/hour): 2100 to4000

Max product size(mm): 110x200x2mm thickness

Mini product size(mm) :50x50x0.2mm thickness

Max stamping size(mm) 80x150mm

Power 220V.0.75KW

Control Model: Microcomputer control panel

Recipient motor :Taiwan ADDKA (25 w) speed control motor

Main control motor: TECO (1.5 KW inverter from Taiwan)

Air pump for drawing card: IMORTED 0.7P

Machine size :1140x640x550mm

Machine weight :240kg

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Automatic Card Hot Stamping Machine


1. Hot foil stamping business card, cards, envelope, hang tag etc.

2. Thermoprinting on PVC cards, VIP cards, signature bar on phone cards, scratching foil etc.


1:Can stamping: PVC card,paper, glass, leather, metal, plastic material

2:The high-precision positioning stepper motor transport membrane with a special rubber tire,stepping awayfrom a stable and reliable (can also be set parameters) high utilization.

3: Hot stamping processing, speed stroke parameters, ca be set to ensure stable and reliable stamping.

4:Reasoable welding head design to ensure accurate positioning of the card, not be scratched.

5:Vacuum sucction delivery, to ensure accurate posioning of the card, not be scratched

6:Build-in microcomputer control program to run automatically, color-friendly control template,easy operate.

7: The imported temperature mode individually, control the temperature of the stamping head, high temperature control precision,excellent stamping effect,customized collection system.

Here is the difference between Q010 and Q030 as below


1:Control mode:Microcomputer control panel.

2:Main control motor: TECO (Taiwan 0.75KW inverter)

3:Counting means: using our own technology devices

4:Suction pump card: The United States Thomas 0.5P, make sure no scratch card.


1:Control mode:Microcomputer control panel。

2:The main control motor: TECO (Taiwan 1.5KW inverter)

3:Counting means: using our own technology devices

4:Card Collector motor: Taiwan ADDKA (25W) Speed Motor

5:Collection card mode: The relay way to go about a product, and finally integrated into the surge hopper.

6:Suction pump card: The United States Thomas 0.7P, make sure no scratch card

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