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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Shoe insoles(with hot-air drier)

Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Shoe  insoles (with hot-air drier)

Technical Parameter

Model  No. :FA-3045P-4R2

Printing speed:1200time/hour

Max frame size:500mmX700mm

Max print size:250mmX400mm

Working table size:300mmX450mm

Rotary table diameter:¢845mm

Mechanical stroke:500mm

Maximum height of work piece:80mm

Frame up and down stroke:120mm

Scrapers left and right stroke:350mm

Blade scraping up and down stroke:40mm

Supply:AC220V  50/60Hz 3.5kw

Working Air Pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa

Air consumption / cycle:3.0L

Machine size:1160mm(L)X1450mm(W)X1600mm(H)

Weight:560 KG

Horizontal adjustment of table:±6mm

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Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Shoe  insoles (with hot-air drier)

Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Shoes Insole (with hot air-drier) is mainly used for printing shoe upper,shoe insoles,Phone touch screen,light panel OGS/TP/CG/LTD glass,PCB,LCD,Liquid green oil, cold light film, film, keyboard, acrylic, cell phone panel, touch panel, light guide plate, diffuser, nameplate, ceramics, stationery, and small film/Precision screen printing products, such as flexible circuits (FPC), in-mold decoration (IMD), membrane keys(Membrane Switch),Bio-test piece... Such products precision print screen printing

Machine operation safety performance

FA-3045P-4R2 machine is in line with the latest engineering style,If required by the use of absolute trustworthy. Machine is equipped with an emergency switch: press the emergency switch in case of emergency,then machine will be powered off immediately.Back to the starting position, when get out of trouble after the emergency switch, you can start safely back to normal.

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