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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Two Colors Sceen Printing Machine for Metal Ruler

Technical Parameter

Model  No. :FA-2030P-8

Printing Color:Two color

Single Cyclecan adjust

Printing speed :8000time/hour

Max frame size:400mmX550mm

Max print size:180mmX300mm

Working table size:200mmX250mm

Rotary table diameter:¢1200mm

Mechanical stroke:600mm

Maximum height of work piece:10mm

Frame up and down stroke:80mm

Scrapers left and right stroke:400mm

Blade scraping up and down stroke:40mm

Material extraction method:Vacuum adsorption or finger grip

Power:AC220V  50/60Hz

Connect the load:11.5KW

Working Air Pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa

Air consumption / cycle:3.0L

Machine size:2300mm(L)X2500mm(W)X1540mm(H)

Weight:780 KG

Horizontal adjustment of table:±10mm

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Automatic Two Colors Sceen Printing Machine for Metal Ruler

Product introduction

Automatic two colors screen printing equipment for ruler is mainly used for printing different kind of ruler not matter what kind of material, metal, wooden, plastic etc. It is also applied in printing different kind of flat products

Machine Feature

1: The screen lift is driven by a cylinder, combined with a high-performance precision linear guide. The frame is lifted and guided by a guide column. The printing is smoother and the printing precision is higher.

2: The printing frame adopts the rodless cylinder, which is fast in operation, accurate in positioning, and digitally set the stroke/speed/direction.

3: The printing stand of the ruler printing machine is made of one-piece cast aluminum and has a simple structure. The tool holder is guided by the cylinder and the guide rail, which is stable and smooth and has high precision. The scraper and the ink knife are integrally formed by drawing aluminum, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and stable performance.

4: The turntable workbench is driven by Taiwan's precision cam splitter. The repetitive positioning speed is fast, the vacuum suction platen is accurate, and the product is prevented from loosening during the rotation process. The machine rotary table is integrally formed of cast aluminum, which has stable structure and excellent rigidity, and the flatness accuracy of the table is 0.05mm.

5: Manipulator blanking:Configurable robotic blanking, reduce productivity, improve production efficiency, machine and production line docking, directly to the production line, can be customized according to customer requirements.

6: Advanced control PLC control, digital control of man-machine interface, can set a variety of functions and operating parameters, which is conducive to job dataization and standardization, and humanization.

7: This ruler screen printer includes Safety rods and safety light curtains, which  can be installed to protect the operator's personal safety.

Automatic Two Colors Sceen Printing Machine for Metal Ruler

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