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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Desktop Screenprinting Machines for Pvc Film

Technical Parameter

Model  No. FA-2030C

Max.Printing Size:200x300mm

Worktable Size:250x450mm

Max. Printing Height of Product:100mm

Power:220/110v 50w

Air Pressure:5-7 bar

Transverse Stroke:350mm

Vertical Stroke:160mm

Transverse Driven:Pneumatic

Vertical Driven:Pneumatic

Printing Speed:1200pcs /hr

Printing Workstation:1pc

Machine Size(LxWxH):68x77x87cm


Automatic Grade:Semi-automatic

Color & Page:One color

Warranty:One year

Usage:PVC film, paper, card, membrane ,photographic film

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Desktop Screenprinting Machines for Pvc Film 


This Desktop Screenprinting Machines is chariteristic with its vacuum worktable. While adopting vacumn generator which brings strong adsorption forces without noise , the printing quality tends to more adhesive and stable , Widely applied to thin, flat items like film, membrane, card etc. With its mini shape, fast printing speed, high precision and stable performance, this Mini Flat Screen Printer with Vacuum Worktable is able to composed of a medium shape production line. Machine especially is suitable for printing on the flat , light and thin surface of workpiece, like PVC film, paper, card, membrane ,photographic film etc


1. SCM IC coordinates light-touch panel to compile programmable actions.

2. Auto 4-digit conter built-in to calculate printing quantity

3. Airframes adopts aluminum casting and with metal coating surface

4. Double cylinders up& down structures ensures printing precisions and stability

5. Left & right stroke, squeegee and ink tool positions could be adjusted

6. Pneumatic squeegee constant pressure device ensures the pressure stability during processing.

7. Up&down are equiped with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate working shock.

8. Screen frame location could be adjusted either vertical or horizontal

9. Stainless steel suction table makes easily absorp variety of membrane/film products

Desktop Screenprinting Machines for Pvc Film

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