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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Tabletop Screen Printing Machine for Phone Case

Technical Parameter

Model No.: FA-1218CM

Max Printing Speed:1800pc/hr

Max Printing Size:120x180mm

Max Product Height:200mm

Worktable Size:120x200mm

Max Frame Size: 250x350mm

Power:220v 50Hz

Machine Size:450x650x620mm


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Tabletop Screen Printing Machine for Phone Case

The Screen Printing Machine is made with tabletop design, which  is a compact, lightweight, and portable printing equipment designed for printing graphics, texts, or designs onto various flat surfaces. It's ideal for small-scale printing tasks, hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, or businesses with limited space. It is suitable for printing like phonecase, film,battery,shoe insole etc


Rapid Up Down : incorporated electric and pneumatic optimal transmission mode, special balance loading, rapid and stable up down motion and precise positioning.

Electromagnetic Suction Positioning: screen tilt lowering to margin limitation position tobe locked by electromagnetic fixation against heavy printing pressure.

Precise Positioning : gear motor + swivel arm drive up down, rapid stable and silent motion, precise positioning to afford long term operation.

Peel-off Function : screen frame carrier is collocated with peel-off device to avoid phenomenon of sticky screen mesh after printing.

Digital Control :The desktop screen printer adopts HMI digital control, enable to shift Chinese and English language display, digitalized control preset printing parameters, functional display error message.

Safety Protection : equipped with E-stop safety bar, safety press bar switch, safety ascent cylinder, it is triggered during screen descent, screen structure automatically lifts up slowly to original position and release loading weight,comprehensive protection ensure operator safety.


Plug in - turn on the power switch - plug in - oil water separator ventilation switch [ON] - emergency stop switch

[ON] --Touch screen "On screen" and "Before scraper" - Install the scraper - Install the screen -

Adjust the relative position of the screen & scraper - installation tooling fixture on worktable - alignment

position between the screen and the pattern - add ink-- half automatic [foot pedal] full automatic.

Tabletop Screen Printing Machine for Phone Case

Tabletop Screen Printing Machine for Phone Case

Tabletop Screen Printing Machine for Phone Case

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