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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Bottle

Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Bottle

Technical Parameters

Model No:FA-S101

Max Printing diameter :Round Dia 20-100mm   Length 25-300mm

Oval width 25-120mm  Length 25-300mm

Printing speed:Round 4000pcs/hr   oval 5000pcs/hr

Compressed air:0.6Mpa

Machine size:Main/Aux 1908x1000x1500mm

Unit Power Voltage:380VAC, 3-PHASE, 50HZ,

UV Machine power:5KW

Motor power: 1.5kw

Automatic Grade:Fully automatic

Usage:cosmetic products, chemical container, food packing cans and other related cylindrical products

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Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Bottle


This Single Color Screen Printing Machine is specially designed to print cylindrical and oval, square bottle. Widely used on cosmetic, food products, beverages package field. With imported famous brand motors, variable speed devices and mechanical transmission to form a new high-speed transmission system, to achieve infinitely variable speed, synchronous transmission, no bottle no printing and other control functions.

Main Feature:

1.The machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) and high performance Touch Screen (Touch Screen) to achieve intelligent control of the whole machine.

2.Machine is coupled with auto workpiece feeding and un-loading system;

3.Flame treatment device is adopted for re-treatment on PE or PP workpieces to get ultimate ink adhesion;

4.The function of workpiece placing in advance is built-in aiming on cylindrical or elliptical printing;

5.Electric sensor creates "no bottle, no printing" that leads to intelligent monitor and smart control;

6.High quality UV curing system adopted to ensure fast ink drying and color registration;

7.High printing speed that up to 4000pcs/hour will bring you with high productivity;

8.Easy to change the fixture for shifting printing to different bottles.

9.Multi-sets of this machine can achieve 2-color, 3-color and even 4-color auto printing system.

autmatic screen printing machine for bottle

China Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Cosmetic bottle

chemical bottle screen printer

plastic bottle screen printer

bottle screen printer

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