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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Two Colors Screen Printing Machine for Cosmetic Bottle

Automatic Two Colors Screen Printing Machine for Cosmetic Bottle

Technical Parameters

Model Number: FA-S102

Cylinder bottle:4000PCS/HR

Ellispcs bottle:5000PCS/HR

Printing diameter:25mm-90mm

Compress air:5Bar

Liqiud gas:1.5Bar

Dominate Machines:1900mmx1200mmx1600mm


Vice Machines :2290mmx600mmx750mm

Mainly power:380VAC/3-PHASE/8KW

Feed motor:380VAC/3-PHASE/1KW

Transmission motor;220VAC/1-PHASE/0.2KW

Color & Page:two colors

Usage:cosmetic products, chemical container, food packing cans and other related cylindrical products

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Automatic Two Colors Screen Printing Machine for Cosmetic Bottle

Machine Feature

The machine is two color screen printer with multi-function for printing round and oval bottles. Each unit can work as single color screen printer or it’s flexible to connect with several printers to become a multi-color printer. The innovative transmission system is very steady in passing the bottles, easy to shift between different types of bottles, easy to operate. It will widely accepted by the small- medium enterprises due to its high quality price ratio.

Machine Function

1.Full automatically printing suitable to print on various shades of cylindrical, elliptical and falt workpieces;

2.Coupled with auto workpiece feeding and loading system;

3.Flame treatment device adopted for re-treatment on PE or PP workpieces to get ultimate ink adhesion;

4.The function of workpiece placing in advance is built-in aiming on cylindrical or elliptical printing;

5.Electric sensor creates "no workpiece no printing" that leads to intelllgent monitor and smart control;

6.High quality UV curing system adopted to ensure fast ink drying and color registration;

7.High printing speed that up to 4000pcs/hr will bring you with high productivity;

8.Conveniently and easily fixture adjustment and change that save your valuable time;

9.Multi-sets of this machine can achieve 2-color, 3-color and even 4-color auto printing system.

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