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Heat Transfer Machine

Swing-type Heat Transfer Printing Machine for Tapered Cups

Model No.:FA-HT2513SP

Machine voltage: 220V

Total power of equipment: 4.5KW;

Maximum transfer pressure: 300kg;

Maximum hot stamping area:W230*D250mm( circumference 600mm)

Maximum cup height: 300 MM

Heating power: 2500W

Temperature control range: rt-250degrees

Machine size:L1520*W980*H2050MM


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Swing-type Heat Transfer Printing Machine for Tapered Cups

1.  Smart numerical PLC control with touch screen, intelligently memorize running parameters. Simple and convenient operation.

2.  Patented tapered swing system. Once input 3 numerical setting(size, diameter, pattern height), the machine runs by automatic calculation. Machine can be regulated easily, and suitable for inexperienced person.

3.  Fully controlled by servo motors, including machine operation, fixture movement, front-back & left-right swing of the film, to avoid the film wrinkling effectively.

4.  It adopts high precision optical fiber control for the printing position of cups, with automatic positioning function, so as to avoid roller crushing caused by wrong position placed, and reduce bad product rate accordingly.

5.  Film is feeding by numerically-controlled motor. Film tension is controlled by magnetic particle device.


1.  Servo pressure cylinder.

2.  Film roll clamping device.

3.  Machine safe guard shield, safety protection device, electrostatic precipitator.

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