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Hot Stamping Machine

Hot Stamping Machine for Tray or Big Plate

Model No.:FA-HS3030

Heating Plate Size:L300xW300mm

Max. Printing Size:260x260mm

Temperature Range: RT~250℃

Max. Printing Pressure: 5 Tons

Power:220v 4.5kw



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Hot Stamping Machine for Tray or Big Plate

This stamping machine adopts servo system to drive machine working, which enable it do stamping one big size products. Usually applied to stamping on plates, car parts, eletronic components, license card etc

Machine Parts:

1. Pressure cylinder: The pressure of cylinder control can be upgraded to a servo motor structure to achieve the numerical control of mechanical pressure.

2. Bow-shaped structure design: Machine adopts the bow-shaped structure design to ensure the pressure and stability.

3. Foil feeding and collecting structure: automatic foil feeding and collecting, foil collecting is controlled by motor, and foil moves automatically.

4. Fixture: fixed the position of products, convenient for product printing.

5. Automatic worktable in-out device: easy to control product in-out, convenient for product loading before printing and unloading after printing.

6. Numerical control touch screen: control the operation parameters, mechanical movement realizes CNC, digital, and intelligent.


1. Smart numerical PLC control with touch screen, intelligently memorize running parameters. Simple and convenient operation, long life.

2. Independent thermostatic control, integrated heating tube to control the temperature.

3. High precision numerical motor controls the foil collecting, guarantee high precise foil positioning.

4. Bow-shaped structure design: Machine adopts the bow-shaped structure design to ensure the pressure and stability.

5. Temperature, pressure, speed are all adjustable. Printing delay and foil collecting delay are adjustable. These meet different printing requirements.

6. Machine controlled by motor governor, guarantee more stable running.

7. Safety protection device. Double start button guarantee the safety of worker.


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