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Hot Stamping Machine

Servo Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Car Parts

Model NO.:FA-HS4040

Heating Plate Size:L400xW400mm

Max. Printing Size:360x360mm
Temperature Range: RT~250℃
Max. Printing Pressure:3 Tons
Power:220v 6.5kw

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Servo Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Car Parts

The stamping machine applies both heat and pressure to the foil, which has high pressure of 3 Tons, enable to stamping good effect on big proudcts, especially to plastic trim piece, dashboard component, or a metal emblem , big tray. Wildly applied in the car part's surface or electronic components

1. Smart numerical PLC control with touch screen, intelligently memorize running parameters. Simple and convenient operation, long life.

2. Independent thermostatic control, integrated heating tube to control the temperature.

3. High precision numerical motor controls the foil collecting, guarantee high precise foil positioning.

4. Bow-shaped structure design: Machine adopts the bow-shaped structure design to ensure the pressure and stability.

5. Temperature, pressure, speed are all adjustable. Printing delay and foil collecting delay are adjustable. These meet different printing requirements.

6. Machine controlled by Taiwan GPG motor governor, guarantee more stable running.

7. Safety protection device. Double start button guarantee the safety of worker.

8. Heating head down stamping parts controlled by servo motor, and the down stamping stroke can be numerical controlled. Machine equipped with Japan TBI lead screw, Taiwan HIWIN guide rail, make the printing more precise and the pressure more stable.


1. Automatic out-in worktable.

2. Magnetic particle tension structure.

3. Machine safe guard shield, safety protection device, electrostatic precipitator.

Servo Hot Foil Stamping Machine for Car Parts

car parts hot stamp machine

Advantages of hot foil stamping technology:

1. Hot foil stamp printing pattern is clear, uniform, wear -resistant and weather -resistant, and is usually used for printing trademarks.

2. Whole side of product stamp printing, no ink remnants.
3. No unpleasant ink smell, no air pollution.
4. The color pattern is completed at one time to reduce loss.
5. Simple processes, smooth production management and process movements, and high quality product printing.

6. Wide application range, suitable for paper, wood, plastic, metal, leather, etc.

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