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Manual Hot Stamping Machine

Manual Plane Hot Stamping Machine

Manual Plane Hot Stamping Machine

Technical Parameters

Model  No.:FA-Mini-F170

Product shape:Plane

Max printing area:160×150mm((6.29"x5.9")


Electrothermal Power:50/60Hz


Machine Outline Dimensions:280×280×620mm

Stamping speed:400 PCS/H

Machine Weight :28KG

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Manual Plane Hot Stamping Machine


Manual Plane Hot Stamping Machine are suitable for small area stamping of various materials and have the advantages of dual pressing mechanism ,as pens ,plastic toys , name card ,ID card etc. And quick heating making the stamped patters clear with third dimension. In theory, manual,pneumatic and hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine have the same Principle,that is to say the object will be hot stamped by the same way of heat tranfer by the machine. One difference is there have 2 types: manual and automatic;Another is the different size of the stamping pattern.Manual was fit for the object with low requirement effect and small stamping area.To the contrary, the first-class effection and large stamping area will be done by both pneumatic and hydraulic.What is more,they are fit for stamping the object with high quality.In a word, Hot Stamping Machine can transfer the color from stamping foil to the object by heat press in a high temperature


1. Manual stamping, auto foil feeding, without compressed air, leads to easy operation

2. Stamping temperature adjustable range from temperature 60Cto 300C.

3. The height of the stamping head adjustable accordingly

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