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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Manual Screen Printer with Moving-table

Technical Parameter

Model  No:FA-80

Max.Printing Size:70x70mm

Worktable Area:120x120mm

Max. Screen Frame Size:180x180mm

Max. Printing Height of Product:30mm

Air Pressure:5-7 bar

Transverse Stroke:200mm

Vertical Stroke:125mm

Printing Speed:1500pcs /hr

Printing Workstation:1pc

Machine Size(LxWxH):84x511x58cm


Automatic Grade:Semi-automatic

Color & Page:One color

Warranty:One year

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 Manual Screen Printer with Moving-table


Flat products ,like mouse pad, mobile phone glass, MP3, SD card etc


This Manual Screen Printer with Moving-table is especiallized in printing small and flat article. Germany and Japans pneumatic parts ensure its maintainence and working efficiency. Suitable for article like mouse pad, mobile phone glass, MP3, SD card etc


1. The screen printing machine is controlled by pneumatic control, can save power electricity

2. Screen frame adopts coin alloy and with metal coating surface

3. Worktable could be moved forward and backward, makes convenient to load and unload the workpiece

4. Full Japan SMC and Germany Festo pneumatic component

5. Forward and backward printing distance is adjustable

6. Scraper constant pressure device ensures the pressure stability during printing process

7. Emergency stop device meets world safety standard

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