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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Glass Bottle Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Glass Bottle Screen Printing Machine

Printing Color:1-4 Colors
Max Diameter:Φ80mm
Max Height:300mm
Printing Speed:900pcs/hr
Power:2.8kw(printing machine,2.2kw(screen plate)
Air Pressure:5-7bar
Machine Size:2300x1000x1700mm
3 Color Machine Packing Size:2650x1270x1890mm
4 Color Machine Packing Size:3250x1270x1860mm

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This is a fully automatic glass bottle silk screen printing machine, Available printing from one to four colors. Especially designed for printing beer bottle, liquor bottle, tumble cup, ceramic vase etc. The main feature of this machine is solving registration positioning problem easily. It adopts the high temperature glass ink to print and high temperature stove to melting ink with substrate. Low printing cost ,but with fine quality.

1.Aluminium alloy structure frame;

2.Automatic feeding, transportation,screen printing, drying;

3.One time loading objects and muti-colour overprint. fit printing objects without orientation point and hole;

4.PLC controlling and touch-screen operation technology;

5.World famous brand pneumatic part and electron parts;

6.High printing efficiency and high printing precision;

7.Designed for printing objects without orientation hole and point overprint precision and have high printing speed. automatics feeding and loading for muti-colour screen printing ,especial fit printing glass bottle.

8.High temperature glass ink to be solved while printing.

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