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Emulsion Coating Machine For Pad Plates

Emulsion Coating Machine For Pad Plates
Technical Parameters
Model  No: FA-M-220T
Suitable steel plate size: 3.5"-8.66"(89-220mm)
Machine size: 430×390×240mm
Net weight: 22LB(10KG)
Shipping weight: 24LB(11KG)
Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic
Warranty: One year
Usage: Pad plate,steel plate
  • Product Detail
Machine Feature and Scope of Application
Emulsion Coating Machine can coat photosensitive liquid evenly on surface of steel plate or steel blade by the centrifugal effect caused by high-speed rotation. It is one of the important equipments in the process of plate-making and a necessary tool for making high quality plate.
1.Uniformity coating by circumgyrate coating.
2.Speed adjustable, easy to control coating thickness
3.Simple structure, easy to use
4.With special designed "+"construction,it is more saving of power and easy to clean.
5.Coating by centrifugal rotation, even and flat.
6.With special designed scale, it is easy to install steel plate, which extraordinarily solve the departure in installing..
7.Collocated with speed–adjustable motor, you can adjust speed of the motor with potentiometer to control thickness of coating
8.Equipped with handle and protection cover, it is safer to operate.

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