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Drying Equipment

Electric Heat Blast Drying Oven , Hot Drying Oven


Model No.: PHT-42

Temperature: RT-200 degree

Power Supply:1.2kw

Wind System:orced air circulation system and special design outlet, temperature distribution uniformity

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Electric Heat Blast Drying Oven , Hot Drying Oven

hot drying oven

This hot drying oven is Suitable for drying variety of screen printing,pad printing, heat press and spraying plastisol ink processing such as electric products,electrical engines, electric membrane film key press, silicon, window glass


Plastics,Hardware,Flame  Plating,Single face, double face, multilayer circuit board, soft board and electric components for dyring or preheat.

Main Performance

1.This drying oven external material adopt to 1.5-cold plate, the surface with high spray powder, which is corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-rust and easy to clean etc.

2.The liner adopt to 1.0mm thick galvanized sheet or 1.0mm thick stainless steel plate which  make the inner clean, dust-free etc.Bottom with removable casters for easy carrying.

3 Good heat insulation system: liner around the shop high temperature silicate insulation rockwool, increasing high temperature sealing silicone on the four sides of door, to achieve a good seal, to avoid unnecessary heat loss to the outside of the furnace temperature is not hot and the furnace insulation to good effect. Enough space and heat insulation systems and insulation layer, so that the heat is not compromised, this can speed up the temperature and time, improve work efficiency, while also saving power.

4 Control system: power 220Vor380V, and single-phase or three-phase five-wire system, with control of the electrical box in the oven right side of the Ministry of temperature from room temperature to 250 ° C any adjustable, automatic constant temperature, automatic timing function, to alarm when power failureprecise stable temperature effect.

drying oven

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