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Heat Transfer Machine

High Pressure Skatebaord Heat Transfer Machine


Max.Printing Area: W300mm
Temperature Range:RT~250℃
Max. Printing Pressure:2000kg
Voltage:220v, 5kw
Machine Size:900x900x2300mm

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High Pressure Skatebaord Heat Transfer Machine

Machine is with unique up-down double rollers arc design, roller is durable and longer lifespan, and it’s much better for edge covering.

1.PLC programmable controller, high sensitivity, touch screen operation interface, simple and convenient.

2.Machine adopts supercharged cylinder design.It is with high pressure above 2T.

3.Machine adopts double straight elbow hydraulic cylinder lifting type, which enable the machine faster and run more stably.

4.The oil cylinder drives up and down with an adjustable stroke of 74mm.

5.Temperature and transfer time can be adjusted. High precision, excellent stability of the whole machine.

6. The height of hot stamping head can be adjusted;Heat pipe adopts single heat conduction in series, so that the hot stamping head temperature is uniform.

Machine operation safety performance:

1. Single-head Skateboard heat transfer printing machine, in line with the latest engineering style. After the setting program stops the main power supply, the perm motor will be cut off automatically after working for 50 minutes (to protect the rubber roller from being burnt out in the high temperature state).It is absolutely reliable to use as required.

2.The machine is equipped with an emergency switch: press the emergency switch when there is an emergency, the machine will immediately power off.

3.Return to the starting position, and when the matter is handled, twist the emergency switch, it can be safely started back to normal.

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