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Hot Stamping Machine

Hot Stamping Machine for Napkin Paper Board

Technical Parameter:

Max. Stamping Size:260*160mm

Max Printing pressure:250kg

Power :220V/50Hz 2.5kw

Air Pressure :5-7bar

Machine Weight:350kg

Machine Size;1270*950*1900mm

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Hot Stamping Machine for Napkin Paper Board


Gold stamping and heat transfer machine,there are Beautiful elegant appearance,there are mainly used for Premium Toy,stationery,wood,premium makeup and commodity surface of decoration.Special for hot stamping like ABS,PP,PE,PS,AS,PVC,acrylic etc.there are shapes:plane,Circular surface,surface,conical surface.Scope round heat transfer products; such as: plastic cups, cosmetic bottles, glass bottles, bottle of transfer.

Device Configuration

1. The whole machine adopts a reinforced and thickened steel structure body, and the column strengthens the welding ribs, which is sturdy and durable;

2. Car-grade paint baking at high temperature can effectively prevent rust, the appearance is high-grade and generous, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and not easy to fade;

3. The whole machine has 304 stainless steel screws and Japanese nsk bearing links to ensure the firmness and durability of the whole machine;

4. High-hardness aluminum material, processed through large-scale cnc computer, equipped with oxidized sandblasting, and the appearance is high-grade and generous;

5. Intelligent CNC plc control, intelligent storage of multiple sets of operating parameters. The touch screen displays the human-machine interface design and is easy to understand.

6. Full servo control, the operation of the machine, the movement of the fixture and the swinging of the front and rear of the film are controlled by high-precision servo motor to effectively solve the wrinkle problem.

7. The movement of the membrane is controlled by a numerical control motor, and the structure of the magnetic powder controls the tension of the membrane, which can increase the tension of the membrane and the stability and precision of the movement.

8. Hot stamping temperature, pressure and speed are adjustable, hot stamping delay and roll paper delay can be adjusted to meet different printing requirements;

Equipped with automatic retractable material structure, automatic film removal, improve efficiency and save labor costs;

Hot Stamping Machine for Napkin Paper Board

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