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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Mini Cylinderical Screen Printing Machines for Sale

Technical Parameter

Model  No: FA-2030Q

Max.Printing Size:200x300mm

Printable Diameter:5-150mm (Max.Printing diameter 95mm for a full circle)

Max. Printing Height of Product:100mm

Power:220/110v 50w

Air Pressure:5-6 bar

Transverse Stroke:350mm

Vertical Stroke:160mm

Left & Right Pneumatic Driving Style:Pneumatic

Printing Speed:600-800pcs /hr

Printing Workstation:1pc

Machine Size(LxWxH):95x78x95cm

Packing Size(LxWxH):103x82x98cm


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Mini Cylinderical Screen Printing Machines for Sale


Glass bottle,electronic cigarette, water bottle, plastic bottle, mug, cup, vase,tube


The Mini Cylinderical Screen Printing Machines adopts imported original pneumatic parts from Tainwan. With its fast printing speed, low voice, exquisite over-printing and stable performance, this Screen Printing Machine is widely used in logo printing in field of cosmetic, chemical container, food package, as long as the printing stroke to be controlled in diameter 150mm and to be cylinderical / round /cone workpiece. With the processing structure of screen plate moving up & down, workpiece rotating in place, the printer brings out more stable and precise over-printing. Suitable products like mug, glass bottle, plastic bottle, vase etc


1. Auto 4-digit counter built-in to count printing quantity

2. Stable micro-computer control system makes programming more automatic and easily operate

3. Airframe adopts coin alloy and with metal coating surface

4. Printing stroke and speed is adjustable to each printing requirement

3. Installing CEC oil buffer on up and down, left and righ to avoid printing shock

4. Forward and backward printing distance is adjustable

5. Scraper constant pressure device ensures the pressure stability during printing process

6. Suitable for printing on cylinderical, coned shape products

7. Worktable could be regulated back and forth, right and left to fasten for easily processing

Mini Cylinderical Screen Printing Machines for Sale

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