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Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine

Mini Manual Ink Cup Pad Printer

Technical Parameters

Model  No. :ZY-RM7



Apply Range:75x100mm

Max Printing Size:3x22mm

Sealed Cup Diameter:Φ30mm

Net Weight :3.6kg

Gross Weight:4.3kg

Machine Size:410x190x350mm

Packing Size:350x250x380mm

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Mini Manual Ink Cup Pad Printer


This mini style Manual Ink Cup Pad Printer with variable speed motors, strapless speed regulation, mechanical driving control structure and less failure. Transverse material structure printing position is correct, easy to adjust, is the best equipment for carton printing, date printing, code printing, number printing. It can be printing ink printing, indentation.


1.Manual sealed cup operation for control and ink efficiency.

2.Quick plate change for versatility and speed.

3.Budget-friendly option.

4.Durable stainless steel build.

5.Environmentally friendly with ink savings.

Mini Manual Ink Cup Pad Printer

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