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Foil Cutting Machine

360m Electronic Foil Cutting Machine

Model  No. FA-JMT360

Max Cutting Thickness:150mm

Max Foil Length:360m

Cutting length:0-640mm

Power Supply:220V

Machine Weight:58kg

Packing Size:90x36.5x70cm

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360m Electronic Foil Cutting Machine


In the market , usually electronic or fully automatic hot stamping foil cutting machines could cut lengths up to 120m. However, this newly developed electronic cutter is designed to cut longer/thicker hot stamping foils with length up to 15cm, Foil width could be 360m. For industries that require large-scale production or handle thick roll of hot stamping materials, this foil cutter undoubtedly helps a lot. It enhances production efficiency, minimizes material waste, and facilitates more complex hot stamping applications.

This Foil Cutting Machine is suitable for hot stamping foil paper and relevant general paper, cloth, plastic film etc.  Cutting is special, the length can be control freely, with ordinary blade, smooth incision neatly, use light and convenient, save time and effort

foil cutter

electronic foil cutting machine

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