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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Precision Manual Screen Printing Machine

Technical Parameters

Model  No:             PMS- 1212            PMS- 1515             PMS- 1818           PMS- 2020             PMS-2525

Table dimension:    120x120mm          150x150mm           180x180mm        200x200mm          250x250mm

Height adjustment range: 250mm

Max product thickness: 150(mm)

Printing speed: 200(m/min)

  • Product Detail

Precision Manual Screen Printing Machine

manual screen printing machine


1. Plane print & hand operation

2. Applicable for many substrates in thickness of less 50mm

3. Easy adjustability, simple handling and high precision

4. Metal netting easel & changeable thin substrates

5.Precisive printing on small & thin substrates

Precision Manual Screen Printing Machine

 Manual Screen Printing Machine

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