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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Metal Bottle

Technical Parameters


Printing Speed900Pcs/Hr

Print Size:Maxdiameter 100mm Max length 320mm

Compressed air:0.6Mpa

Power supply:380V 50hz

Curing:Led, UV and high temperature

Color:Two color

Usage:Beer bottle,beverage bottle,glass cups, wine bottle, perfume bottle

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Fully Automatic  Screen Printing Machine for Metal Bottle & Glass  Bottle

This is an advanced automatic screen printing machine for bottles, suitable for plastic, glass, and metal containers, perfect for beer bottles, drink bottles, and glass tumblers. It's completely run by servo motors for accurate control.
Compared with other automatic screen printer, here below is the main feature to this machine
1. Fully Servo Motor Control:This brings precise, efficient, and responsive control over the various movements and operations to the printing machine.
2.Registration System: The machine adopts a simple but effective registration system that doesn't require pre-marked bottles. This means it can accurately align prints on bottles without any registration mark, but could over print many colors on the appointed position to bottle itself.
3.LED, UV, and High-Temperature Curing: This bottle screen printing machine uses fast-drying technologies like LED and UV lights ,plus a high-temperature curing method to dry the products after finishing printing.
4. Multi-color Capability: This machine can be adjusted to be one color screen printing, two color screen printing, three colors screen printing and four colors screen printing, enabling vibrant designs to be printed on bottles.

four color screen printing machine for bottle

glass bottle screen printer

automatic bottle screen printer

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