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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Screen Printer for Glass and Plastic Bottle

Technical Parameter

Model  No. :LD-A-01

Printing Speed:Round bottle:2400pcs/h.

Square bottle(one side):3000pcs/h.

Square bottle(multi sides):1500-2500pcs/h

Oval bottle:2600pcs/min

Oval bottle(full round):1500-2000pcs/h

Print Size:For Round/Oval bottle: φ25-φ100mm length:25-180mm

For Square or Irregular Shape: Lengh*Width:20mm-100mm; height: 30-180mm

Air Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa

Power:380V 3phase 50Hz 10Kw (220-240V,3P,60HZ optional)

Machine Dimension:1600x1100x1800mm

Usage:Cylindrical, oval ,square,conical shape,rectangle,irregular glass bottles and cosmetic bottles etc

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 Automatic Screen Printer for Glass/Plastic Bottle

This Fully Automatic Screen Printing Equipment is designed to do silk screen printing on both glass and plastic bottles. The machine could print different kinds of shapes and sizes, including cylindrical, round, conical, oval, square, rectangular, and even unique shapes like diamond shape. It is ideal for applications in the cosmetics package industry.


Advanced Full Servo System & PLC Control: The screen printing machine uses a full servo motor system managed by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This will bring equipment precise control and fully automation.

High Precision Printing: The machinery provides printing with accuracy. It is capable of doing full-side printing on irregular shapes such as oval, square, or diamond phombus bottles. The equipment effects the printing in one time and ensure consistent printing coverage on one side.

UV Ink Drying System: The printing machine is equipped with a UV ink curing system. This system instantly dries the ink, improving production speed and making the printing last for long time.

Modular Design for Multi-Color Printing: This machine is made by module design.One module is with one color printing, multi module can print multi-color.

The mechanical driven structure makes it easy to change of different bottles tooling. This assures machine with perfect working stability

glass bottle screen printer

automatic cosmetic bottle screen printer

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