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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Hard Helmet Screen Printing Machine

Technical Parameter:

Frame Size:

100*190 mm(outer size is 130*200 mm)

100*240 mm (outer size 130*250 mm)

Machine Size:62*62*50cm

Package Size:670*550*270mm

Weight: 45kgs

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Hard Helmet Screen Printing Machine

The screen printing machine is mainly used for printing various cambered surfaces and irregular caps made ofhard materials such as plastics and metals. Such as safety helmet, motorcycle helmet, etc., it can effectively improve the printing quality and printing efficiency.The hard material cap has the characteristics of unbending and different shapes, so the positioning of the helmet is very difficult, resulting in inaccurate printing position. The printing surface is cambered surface with various bending degrees, irregular bending, diverse helmet shapes andother special characteristics. The difficulty in fixing the helmet and the arc plate has many difficulties.

The helmet screen printing machine designed by our company can basically solve the above difficulties:

1.Positioning by adjusting the radian of the cap and mask: using the adjustable arc material ; adjust the radian of the arc according to the need

manual helmet printing machine

2.Positioning of the lower part of the hat: the positioning of the bottom is completed. The secondaryfour-point positioning and locking are adopted in the lower part of the hat to ensure that the hatwill not move after it is placed in the positioning position of the printing press. At the same timeto ensure that the hat is easy to take off, Easy to put the hat, the hat does not deviate;

helmet screen printer

3.Stainless steel cambered plate can be bend a little from left to right in accordance with the arc of the hat ; To meet the radian requirements of the cap printing surface, so as to ensure thatthe screen plate and printing surface arc as parallel as possible, to ensure accurate printing positioning and the quality of printing.

curved screen printing machine for helmet

Basic functions of the Screen Printer:

1.The bottom of the machine and the positioning platform can be moved back and forth, and drag positioning device is set:Drag the platform out, cover with a cap or mask, and the magnet adsorb to fix, push the machine to print; Pull out the platform, remove the magnet, removethe cap or mask: Pull out and push in can be accurately positioned by positioning ball screws on both sides of the platform,

manual safety helmet printing machine

2.The bottom of the stainless steel plate is equipped with a large area of magnetic plate, which canbe directly adsorbed on the platform. You can push and pull the plate with a little force to moveon the platform (screws and nuts can also be installed in the 8 long holes on the platform after positioning the plate to block the four sides of the plate for more stable positioning);

helmet screen printing unit

3.The machine adopts 1 mm stainless steel plate, the screen frame directly fixed on both sides ofthe frame beam; Screen plate can move 130mm front and rear; Screen plate installation beam can finish by adjusting the screen radian by hand screw, After adjusting to the same radianas the printing surface, lock the screws at both ends of the two beams.

screen frame

4.The shaping resin has the characteristics of softening by heating and hardening by cooling.After heating to 60-100 degrees Celsius, the resin softens , place and press the bottom of thehatinto the resin; After the resin cools and hardens, remove the hat, leave the outer contour shapeof the hat inside the resin, and complete the positioning of the bottom. This type of resin can berepeatedly heated and cooled (user can choose electric oven heating or high temperature hot airgun heating, also can use our company supporting SPE- arc screen special heating drying cabinet).

helmet mold

5.The machine is equipped with two flexible stainless steel frames, inner size is 100*190 mm(outer size is 130*200 mm); 100*240 mm (outer size 130*250 mm);

6.All parts of the machine are advanced electrostatic spraying surface treatment, corrosior resistance acid and alkali resistance, cleaning resistance, long - term use without rust.

Configured with relevant tools and materials

1. 1 piece 8 cm scoop coater

2. One for each of the two stainless steel cambered screen plates

3. Positioning resin 2.4 kg

4. 1 piece 8cm metal scraper (including rubber strip)

5. 30 *30 cm teflon cloth 1 sheet

6. 1 roll screen plate edge sealing tape

tooling set

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