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manual paper cup screen printer

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Manual Screen Printer for Paper Cup


The small is applicable for flat,curved, and elliptical-shaped items such as paper cup ,plastic cup, cosmetic bottles, cleaning solution bottles, beverage bottles, and oil filter shells . With changing the fixture, it could also print the wristband etc promotional gift.

1 .The machine is manual, no need power and easy to operate;

2. Machine with lower cost which is suitable to printing round products

3 .The height is adjust by know which is more conveniently;

This machine is manual, cheap, low noise, reliable, and individual. Wildly applied in promotional products logo printing. Best option for small business starter.


A manual screen printer is a type of printing equipment used for transferring ink onto various materials through a fine mesh screen. This process involves creating a stencil on the screen where the ink can pass through to create the desired image on the substrate, such as paper, fabric, plastic, or glass. Key features of a manual screen printer often include:

Manual Operation: No external power source required; all actions like loading the substrate, lowering the screen, applying ink, and lifting the screen are done by hand.

Versatility: Capable of printing on a wide range of flat or slightly curved surfaces including flat, round, oval shaped products like lipstick containers, cosmetic bottles, cleaning solution bottles, beverage bottles, and even oil filter shells.

Adjustable Height: The print head or screen frame can often be adjusted using knobs or handles to accommodate different product sizes and shapes.

Cost-Effective: Typically less expensive compared to automatic screen printers, making it a budget-friendly option for smaller scale production runs, home use, or small businesses.

Ease of Use: Simple to set up and operate, requiring minimal training.

Reliability: Despite being manual, these printers can produce consistent and high-quality prints when operated correctly.

Manual Cylindrical Surface Screen Printing Machines

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