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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Manual Screen Printer Price

Technical Parameters

Model  No:          MSP-2430         MSP-3244           MSP-4560

Printing Area:     240*300mm      320*440mm       450*600mm

Material: Aluminium alloy

Location mode: By side

Setting mode: Manual micromatic setting

Setting direction Forward and backward, left and right, up and down

Printing precision: 0.5mm pitch QTP

  • Product Detail

Manual Screen Printer 

Machine Specifications

Manual Screen Printer  is small and convenient, especially for new product trial, and some low-volume electronics factory, the production of many varieties, affordable, easy to use, is essential for the production of small electronic tools.


1. Can be flat, curved surface printing, manual operation manual easy to adjust, accurate and reliable

2. Manual stencil printer machine printing area: 40 × 50mm manual screen printing machine suitable for small-scale screen printing products to use, this device easy to adjust, accurate and reliable

3. Simple manual stencil printer machine can be used in several specifications, suitable for all sizes of hand-printed silk screen, optional sizes work surface 24 * 30cm, 32 * 44cm, 45 * 60cm three sizes

Manual screen printer price

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