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Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine

Round Hot Stamping Machine for Pail

Model No.: FA-R200

Stamping Size:120x200mm

Power:220V50HZ 1.55Kw

Air Pressure:0.5-0.8mpa

Machine Size:1050x70x1750mm


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Round Hot Stamping Machine for Pail

This machine adopts electric integration touch screen. The independent controller control system, SC63 * 75-50 cylinder and linear guide rail as the up/down pressure drive, the drag plate adopts the oil-gas conversion low pressure drive device, the decelerating motor as the film reeling power drive and the gilding paper after reeling. Hot stamping head frame could be adjusted up and down. Working table could be adjusted left and right.


1.Machine is characterized with high pressure, simplicity and efficiency, safety and durability, and stable performance, it can meet the comprehensive requirements of hot stamping, embossing, and indentation processes, making it an ideal choice for the printing and packaging industry.

2.High degree of automation, equipped with functions such as automatic constant temperature, automatic counting, self-set working stroke, self-set fast forward speed, self-set return speed, and self-set delay pressure. Suitable for surface hot stamping and branding processing of rubber, plastic, leather, wood, paper and other products.

3. Adopting the principle of pneumatic automation, the feeding and receiving of paper are driven by motors, and the length of the paper tape can be controlled arbitrarily. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high degree of automation, and high pressure

Round Hot Stamping Machine for Pail

Round Hot Stamping Machine for Pail

Round Hot Stamping Machine for Pail

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