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Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

Automatic Hot Stamping Machine for Aluminium Cap

Automatic Hot Stamping Machine for Aluminium Cap

Model No.:FA-103-H

Cylinder bottle:1800- 4000PCS/HR

Product size:Height 20-60mm

Length size:20-150mm

Compress air:0.6-0.8Mpa


Power supply:380VAC 3PH 50H 3KW

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This Automatic Hot Stamp Machine is adaptable to become a fully automated system for round hot stamping, screen printing.

It is specifically designed for imprinting on both the top and side surfaces on round products, such as metal caps, plastic caps, aluminum caps, plastic tubes, droppers, pipettes, and more. Its design caters to consistent, high-quality printing across numerous cylindrical items.

Aluminium Cap hot stamping machine

Machine Feature:

High-Speed Precision Operation: It adopts high-speed, precision cam intermittent indexing dividing transmission for smooth operation. This will bring accurate positioning and consistent foil stamping quality on circular bottle caps.

Quiet and Efficient Performance: With low noise levels and high operating speeds, it provides a quiet and efficient production environment

PLC Control and Touchscreen Interface: This stamping press is fully automated. It uses Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system. The stamper allows for easy human-machine interaction just by a simple operating to touch interface. This enables quick setup changes, precise control over the process, and efficient monitoring.

Continuous Production: Designed for large-scale production , the stamping machines are made with automatic feeding and unloading systems. Also machines are equipped with safety features such as automatic stop in case of insufficient materials, low air pressure, or incomplete discharge alerts.

Automatic Hot Stamping Machine for Aluminium Cap

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