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Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Small Tube

Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Small Tube

Pre-treatment Way: Plasma Treatment

Max Frame Size:200*500mm

After Printing Drying:UV Drying

Max Printing Size:100*300mm

Power:380V50-60Hz 3Kw

Printing Speed:3000pcs/hr

Printing Diameter:8-90mm

Machine Size:1500*1080*1800mm

Printing Length:30-150mm

Machine Weight:350kg

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Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Small Tube

This is a high-speed, high-precision screen printing machine for medical supplies designed for full-automatic small circular pipe screen printing machine, using full-link mechanical structure, motor-driven, high-speed operation without any vibration, to meet customer's high precision, high quality requirements.

1.High Quality and HD 10.4 inches Touch Screen.

2.The machine adopts High efficiency CUP for accurate controlling every ink drop.

3.The power switch and main parts are supplied from Chinese Air Space Industrial Ministry directly.

4.It gets Original imported build-in pump with long time use and easy maintenance.

5.Whole body stainless steel up to IP55 Grade protection standard.

6.The machine gets function of automatic pipe and print head washing, Automatic detection system and alarm    system.

7.Colorful touch screen with high efficiency working, and the language can be set by Chinese or English. The machine  can link to USB, Computer and other outer data hardware.

8.One Touch Starting, intelligent automatic control.

9.The machine comes with problem shooting function and alarming function.

10.The way of input can be adjusted by clients.

11.Big storage space with 200message storage.

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