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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Manual Memo Cube Screen Printer Machines

Technical Parameters

Model  No:FA-BT100

Max. Printing Size:105x125mm

Max. Screen Frame Size:30x40mm

Max. Printing Thickness of Product:150mm

Printing Speed:500m/min

Printing Workstation:One

Machine Size(LxWxH) 320x420x370mm


  • Product Detail

Manual Memo Cube Screen Printer Machines

Machine Feature

This manual memo cube screen printer is especiallized in printing Paper Brick, Paper Cube . Simple and easily operation, with machine's adjustable fixture, it is not need to make different fixture which changing to print different size.

Machine Function

1 .Manual meo cube screen printing machine can print on flat things, cheap price and simple use.

2. Manual operation and easy adjustment.

3. Stainless steal worktable, good plainness ±0.1mm.

4. Natural aspirated make more precision of fixed position, to ensure precision screen printing.

Manual Memo Cube Screen Printer Machines

Manual Memo Cube Screen Printer Machines

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