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Mini Screen Printing Machine

Mini Plane Screen Printer(Rodless cylinder)

Technical Parameter

Model  No:FA-2045T

Max.Printing Size:200x450mm

Worktable Size:250x450mm

Max. Printing Height of Product:100mm

Power:220/110v 50w

Air Pressure:5-7 bar

Transverse Stroke:500mm

Vertical Stroke:160mm

Transverse & Vertical Driving Style:Pneumatic

Printing Speed:1200pcs /hr

Printing Workstation:1pc

Machine Size(LxWxH):93x74x87cm


Automatic Grade:Semi-automatic

Color & Page:One color

Warranty:One year

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Mini Plane Screen Printer(Rodless cylinder)


Pad, gift , CD box, lens, small plastic products


The mini plane screen printer adopts Rodless cylinder, is especiallized in printing small and flat article. Germany and Japans pneumatic parts like T-slot worktable and rodless cylinder (500) ensure its maintainence and working efficiency. Suitable for article like mouse pad, Pad, gift , CD box, lens, small plastic products

The mini printing machine could be equipped with two options, one is with T-solt falt and the other with the vaccum falt.


1. SCM IC coordinates light-touch panel to compile programmable actions.

2. Auto 4-digit conter built-in to calculate printing quantity

3. Airframes adopts aluminum casting and with metal coating surface

4. Double cylinders up& down structures ensures printing precisions and stability

5. Worktable ,screen, left & right stroke, spacing distance are all adjustable

6. Pneumatic squeegee constant pressure device ensures the pressure stability during processing.

7. T-slot worktable brings convenience to load and unload jig

8. Up&down , left & right are equiped with Taiwan CEC oil pressure buffer to eliminate working shock.

Mini Plane Screen Printer(Rodless cylinder)

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