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Tabletop Bottle Screen Printing Machine,Mini Cylinderical Screen Printer Machine

Tabletop Bottle Screen Printing Machine, Mini Cylinderical Screen Printer Machine

Tabletop Bottle Screen Printing Machine,Mini Cylinderical Screen Printer Machine is one of the popular ranges in FA Printing Machine Manufacturer Limited. This collection of machines are selling to many different countries over the world, especially to customer as a beginner in silk screen printing field. Under its hot selling degree, our company manufactures these tabletop screen printer in bulk quantity to keep in stock for customers, advances the shipment for customer as well.

The Tabletop Bottle Screen Printing Machine,Mini Cylinderical Screen Printer Machine is the advanced version to FA-2030Q,widely applied in cylinderical / round /cone –shape workpiece. The screen printing machine adopts imported original German Rodless Cylinder and SMC penumatic part. With its fast printing speed, low voice, exquisite over-printing and stable performance, this semi-auto machine is widely used in logo printing in field of cosmetic, chemical bottle, food package, ,pen ,drinking straw, syringe barrel etc, as long as the printing size to be within 300mm(the length of circumference)x200mm (width) and diameter to be 5-100mm.


1. Micro 4-digit counter built-in to count printing quantity

2. Stable micro-computer control system makes programming more automatic and easily operate

3. Airframe adopts coin alloy and with metal coating surface

4. Adjustable Print speed and printing stroke satisfies the different printing request

5. Constant pressure device of the ink blade, made sure the pressure in the printing is steady

6. High-precision printing platform with fine turning device and ink-return system

7. Huffing function in sided, good for soft things ,suitable for printing on cylinderical, coned shape products

8. Worktable could be regulated back and forth, right and left to fasten for easily processing

Detailed Illustration to Tabletop Bottle Screen Printing Machine FA-2030Q2

German Rodless Cylinder ensures the machine longivity. Cylinder placed in upper part of machine save the space and makes it work in more practical way.

Perfet blading system, individual cylinder controls balde to bring constant pressure during printing process , ensure the printing to be exquise.

Stable alloy die casting Jig ,suitable for hold and print on cylinderical, coned shape products

Switch to control the stork, it is free to adjust tranverse stroke.

Sealed inner structure to machine makes manual operation much more safe and protect the inner machinery parts in a better mode.

Microcomputer controls each running function, offers highly automatic operation, Build-in 4 digit auto-counter makes operation more easily

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