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Important Notes to Plastic Silk Screen Printing

Plastic texture printing products refer to flat, cylidnerial, spherical surface. We now discuss few important notes to skill of Plastic Silk Screen Printing.

1.During Plastic Silk Screen Printing, ink formulation should be paid great attention to ,as thickness of ink configuration plays an important role to printing quality .How to judge whether the ink thick or thin degree? The simple method is to avoid reticulate or drawing on Screen Printing surface after thick ink going through. In the other way , for thin ink printing, we should control the ink go through mesh, but not dripping. Simply speaking, printing line to be thin, we should transfer thin ink and strong ink for course line.

2.Careful selection to Plastic Silk Screen Printing Plate , mesh should be with accuracy and high quality. Usually we choose mesh 450-500. For the factors of substrate thin printing, ink with high fineness, low absorption workpiece,we should use high density screen printing mesh, and vice versa. While stencil making, pattern position and size on screen plate should be fixed as per structure, size and pattern position to workpiece. Once with poor designing, the silk screen printing with be influenced with bad quality or even disable to print. Meanwhile, we highly suggest to use one stencil for printing one pattern.

3.For Plastic Screen Printing,blade (Squeegee) generally is made of polyurethane material. Polyurethane rubber material is chariteristic with abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and resilience. Blade Hardness usually adopts 60~80 shaw. One the screen with large tention and the workpiece with smooth and flat surface, we select the blade with higher hardness and the other way around. Specially mentioning, while printing on cylinderical , spherical, or rugged workpiece surface, we suggest to use the narrow width blade intead of the wild on  e.

4.The material for screen positioning fixture include metal, wood, plywood, PVC sheet etc. A flat wood should be fixed to workpiece in the same level while close printing to workpiece, for it avoid fuzzy graphic.

5.Pay extra attention to temperature during Plastic Silk Screen Printing Progress. Some kind of composed plastic workpiece will be influenced by temperature and pressure, thus, temperature and pressure   be controlled perfectly. Otherwise, if plastic workpiece shrink or expand, the printing is not firm anymore.

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