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Multi Color Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Bottle

Multi Color Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Bottle

With the popularity of PET bottle,direct printing product description and trademark under the transparent bottle has become a kind of tendency, the importance of curved screen printing is self-evident nowadays . In the cosmetics, medicines, food, industrial field, curved screen printing is regarded as the distinctive printing solution.

At present, semi-auto curved screen printing machine is widely used, because this kind of machine is more suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthemore, easily to operate , replace and purchasing cost is comparatively lower, but semi-auto curved screen printing machine should be equiped with Surface Treatment Machine and Curing Machine,which requests much more woker labor.Automatic Screen Printing Machine includes automatic feeding, flame surface treatment, screen printing, curing , which is with more efficiency and less labor. Automatic Screen Printing Machine divided into single color screen printing machine and multi-color screen printing machine, multicolor screen printing machine is generally suitable for large quantities of printing orders.

Since Automatic Screen Printing Machine price is high, we have to select the excellent model when purchasing. High efficiency, high-speed operation, tenderly transmissing bottle ,accurate color printing, exquise over printing are the key mechanical designs. Hereby , FA Printing Machine Manufacturer Limited introduce the most popular Automatic 2 Color Screen Printing Machine, suitable for cylindrical, elliptical shape bottle surface printing. Flexible combination is one of the main feature of this machine, you could divided into independent operation to be Single Color Automatic Screen Printing Machine or combine more machines to be 3 to 6 color printing. As for this range of automatic screen printing machine, we develop them to be suitable for printing on plastic bottle and glass bottle together. Some other similar machine from other domestic factory, they could only print on plastic or either glass.

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