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Seal Cup Pad Printing Machine

Eight Colors Pad Printing Machine with Conveyor for Toys

Eight Colors Pad Printing Machine with Conveyor

Technical Parameters

Item  No.:FA- M8/CK

Max.Printing Size:60x170mm

Steel Plate Size:100x200mm

Power:220V 50-60Hz 1000W

Transverse Stroke:200mm

Vertical Stroke:75mm

Printing Workstation:22pc

Air Consumption :5-7bar

Printing Speed:1500pcs/hr


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Eight Colors Pad Printing Machine with Conveyor


Bottle Caps, Balls (Golf & Tennis)

Electrical items – MCB, Bulbs, CFL, Switches

Stationary items – Pens, Paper Weight, Staplers, Punching Machine, Logo on Diaries

Gifts and Novelties – Toys Key Chains, Lighters, Bottles


Eight Color Pad Printing Machine With Conveyor is the conveying products by rotary type turntable. The products can be overprinted with 8 colors. Running a circle can finish one time overprint automatically. It is efficient comparing with shuttle pad printing, this pad printing machinery comes to a higher steps. The printing speed runs to 1500pcs/hr. It is the system that allows you to print images on curved, textured and flat items.


1. With microcomputer-controller, semi-automatic, utility function, and the operating procedures are flexible and reliable.

2. With aluminum alloy structure frame and metal coating surface, the machine is easy to move but steady

3. With function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front /back, avoiding printing ink partial solidification

4. Adjustable inking pressure and printing speed meets different printing requirements

5. Use the oil cup to inking , pro-environment and easy to disassembly & assembly , avoid wasting ink.

6. 360° adjustable rubber pad angle and ±5° adjustable worktable angle ensure repeat precision to be less 0.05mm

7. Worktable, plastic head and ink tray can be adjusted X. Y. Z direction

Eight Colors Pad Printing Machine with Conveyor for Toys

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